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Supports for the second level and a new backdrop are installed in Wilton.

New backdrops and upper level supports.

Fascia painted, ground cloth stretched, the scene is coming along The Wilton fascia is up, and a control shelf is installed Spline for the Wilton station track is ready to get Homasote and track Spline begins to make its way through the utility room wall

Right to left: Wilton Fascia painted.  Fascia and control shelf installed.  The Station / House track spline in place.  Diving into the utility room to go around the water heater.

 Risers are installed to support the track through Wilton Ray assembles the framing for the drop bridge The nearly completed drop bridge by the breaker panel in Wilton.

Right to left: Wilton basic benchwork up.   Ray Louis constructs the parts of the drop bridge in the corner.   The drop bridge installed.

Prototype:  An idyllic little scene, typical of many small towns along the Housatonic, Wilton was a quiet little place with a small, quaint wood-frame station, a short passing siding for passenger trains, and a team track.  A small factory a factory with its own rail siding was located to the South of Wilton.  I will also be placing a creamery south of the town to represent the milk and ice traffic that was carried on the Housatonic during this period.  I know there was an ice house north of Winnipauk, so I just moved it a little farther north and gave it a creamery to go with it.  

On the Model:  I expect the town will be modeled with a street of large victorian homes along a road across from the tracks, which run through town.  I recently found this photo of the Wilton station, taken in 1927.  I visited the actual building in 2006 and took a dozen or so pictures of it in preparation of modeling it for the layout.  The building is very similar in style to the stations at Bethel and Danbury, and carries that distinctive 'Danbury & Norwalk' gingerbread look. The original building is of board and batten siding with random board widths, which will be nearly impossible to model without a lot of work.  I think I'll just use regular styrene board and batten siding when I do model it.

Here's a photo of the station taken in February 2006:


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