The Housatonic Railroad Layout Plan

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The images below are mapped to allow you to click on an area and see a larger, more detailed image, photos and a description of that area.

General data

The Dimensions of the main area are approximately 26 feet by 34 feet, with an additional 12 foot by 4.5 foot 'panhandle' space behind the garage.  There are four lally columns down the center of the room, one of which is embedded in the layout and three which are freestanding in the aisle.  Ordinarily this might be a problem, but because most aisles on this layout are 36-48" wide, there is ample room to pass around them, while operators can reach around and past these columns.

Some of the Givens and Druthers:

bulletLayout height:  Between 45 and 58-62 Inches
bulletDesign Style:  Around the walls with peninsulas, partial double-deck
bulletLighting:  General illumination by fluorescents, no focused sources or valences
bulletOperation:  Single track Point to Point with passing sidings, no continuous running (loop track in staging)
bulletGeneral aisle width: 3-4 feet (36-48")
bulletMinimum Aisle width:  2 feet 6 Inches (30")
bulletScale:  HO Standard Gauge
bulletBenchwork:   Open grid laid on fabricated composite I-Beams
bulletSubroadbed: 3/4" plywood in high-track ratio areas, Masonite spline everywhere else.
bulletRoadbed:  Homasote - I made my own milled Homasote roadbed, and you can do it too
bulletBackdrop height:  10"-16" depending on location
bulletBackdrop material:  .060" Sheet Styrene
bulletFascia:  1/4" Masonite, Doubled 1/8" Masonite (Where curves are needed)
bulletTrack:  Micro-Engineering code 70 handlaid, on custom-cut Mt. Albert Scale Lumber ties
bulletI also use Micro-Engineering code 70 Flextrack in hidden areas, plus Atlas Code 83 turnouts and flextrack in staging.
bulletControl:  Wangrow SystemOne DCC, NCE DCC
bulletMinimum visible radius curves (mainline):  30" (24" in one spot)
bulletMinimum Hidden radius curves: 24"
bulletMinimum Turnout frog angle: #5
bulletTurnout Control:  Manual.  Fascia-mounted barrel bolts driving home-made under-mount switch machines (Except in staging where electrically operated Tortoise switch machines will be used)
bulletFast Clock:  Mike Dodd's improved analog fast clock controller, 3:1 ratio
bulletCommunication:  Telephone party-line system
bulletTraffic management:  Timetable and Train Order
bulletCar Forwarding:  Shenware's MiTrains (car inventory) and Waybills programs.

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The locations modeled on the layout:

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