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 Branchville benchwork completed Spline roadbed running into Branchville Building spline roadbed to Branchville

Right to left:  Basic Branchville grid benchwork completed.  Laying spline subroadbed into Branchville.

Neil nails up the last corner of the Branchville benchwork View of the Branchville grids in front of the staging area End of the spline roadbed - for now

Right to left: Neil nails up the last benchwork connection in Branchville.  The completed benchwork.  Ray and Dave hang the grids for Branchville.

Prototype:  Branchville was an interesting town where a lot was going on.  there was a junction where the Housatonic mainline met the Ridgefield branch, two train-length sidings, a small engine service area including a turntable (to service Ridgefield branch trains), a team track and freight house and several large industries including a mining supply company, a carriage maker, and the Bridgeport Wood Finishing Company.  The Ridgefield branch will peel off and function as a live interchange for freight and passenger traffic as it did in the real world.

On the Model:  The scene is actually laid out on the layout in reverse, as in real life the Ridgefield branch came off the main to the west, and here we're breaking it off to the east.  This is purely due to the way we were able to set off the tracks to Ridgefield into the staging area, which gives us a live interchange up the branch where we can run passenger and freight trains.  However, operationally I don't think the scene suffers for it.  We were able to get a large part of the scene directly from the 1915 New Haven valuation maps, so it is actually pretty accurate - except that it's backwards.

Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co., 'Silex Mills', in GeorgetownSoap factory and switch house in BranchvilleBranchville is about halfway around the railroad, and will have a train-length siding (two, actually) and be a pretty busy place.  It's the only long siding between Winnipauk and Danbury, so it is doubly important for it to work as a place to meet trains.  They will have to work around the branchline trains coming and going, however.  

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