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Portrait of the artist as a 19th C. Rail Baron.

Craig Bisgeier is a model railroader who has interests in many different railroads and periods.  The 19th century Housatonic Railroad project is the one that has been his primary interest for some time, but he still enjoys all periods of railroading and is glad to have many friends who share that interest.  He has tackled many disciplines in the hobby including layout design and construction, prototype-based operations, scratch-building of structures and railroad cars, molding and casting techniques, hand-laying track and switches and even some electrical and electronics projects.  Craig loves to learn new things and expanding his horizons and skill sets helps keep the hobby fresh for him.

One of Craig's activities for the last few years is as a co-host of the Model Railcast Show, a weekly podcast (available on iTunes) that discusses all kinds of topics related to railroading and model railroading. With Host Ryan Andersen, Craig works hard to try and help keep the show interesting and entertaining for persons of all interests and skill levels. He feels it is a great opportunity to entertain and educate the listeners, and to give back to the community and share some of the knowledge he's garnered in the last 20 or so years. Plus he says it is great to meet all the listeners and talk with them when he gets out to shows and meetings.

Besides the content on this website, as an author Craig has had his design and operations concepts published in Model Railroader magazine and Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.  He has been published several times in both the Layout Design Journal of the Layout Design Special Interest Group (LDSIG), and the Dispatchers' Office magazine published by the Operations SIG, or OpSIG.  Craig has also served as a Contributing Editor to the Dispatchers' Office magazine for the last five or so years.  As you may have guessed, he is keenly interested in layout design and operations, and is active with both the LDSIG and the OpSIG.  Craig is also proud to help coordinate the North Eastern Regional LDSIG/OpSIG meeting here in New Jersey every year. 

Craig has been a clinician at many Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM), National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and LDSIG/OpSIG meetings and conventions over the years. He has presented talks on a wide variety of topics including Modeling Truss Bridges, Introducing Prototypical Events via Chance Cards, and the very popular 10 Commandments of Model Railroad Yard Design clinic for audiences at all levels from regional meetings to national conventions.  

Besides the 19th Century Housatonic Railroad, Craig's other modeling interest would be to someday tackle the New York Central's 30th Street Yard in New York City in the 1940's. However, judging by the way model railroad equipment prices are skyrocketing, the latter will probably be a dream never realized, it would cost far too much!  Modeling the 1890's has its advantages -- the cars are usually less expensive and simpler to scratch-build. 

Craig also enjoys other hobbies as well -- woodworking, computers and tropical fish are those he enjoys most.  It's difficult (and expensive) to find time to keep all of them going!


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